About Us

With everybody trying to find their inner self in this busy world, travelling has become commonplace. Our custom-made, affordable caravans are the best travel companion for all you wild travelers out there! Caravanning provides you the comfort of home during travels, and a chance to explore nooks and corners of the country without having to think about accommodation, travel times and budgets.

Living in a beautiful country like India, Trippy Wheels is giving you an opportunity to explore the country like never before. Freedom during travel is a priceless gift we are offering. Come travel with us and take an unforgettable story back home!

To truly bring caravanning culture to India is our vision. Wanting to see people take their lives a little more easy and relax every once in a while. Wanting to see people explore the world with no restrictions of booking transportation, accommodation, check-in & check-out times or tedious itineraries, our dream is to see people enjoy freedom of traveling. With Trippy Wheels we want to enable this dream by providing unique travel and camping experience with our custom-made caravans.


Profiles of Co-Founders

Coming from a tech background, Sanjna started her professional career with a software giant, Accenture. After working there for 2.5 years, she moved to Sweden to pursue her Master’s degree. She wanted to explore the widely established automotive industry in Sweden. With Volvo headquarters situated in Gothenburg, opportunities were plenty. She worked as a testing engineer at Volvo Trucks and Volvo Cars. Her job was ever exciting as she was out on the tracks testing cars driven by robots, analyzing data and setting safety standards for the automotive industry while working closely with top-level authorities. During her masters for her own living expenses, she started a home-cooked Indian food catering company – Indian Food Göteborg. It grew rapidly and gained popularity among the locals. The team cooked at Sweden’s biggest festivals and events selling up to 500 meals a day. During all of this, Sanjna had realized how much joy it brought her to see happy customer faces. Although Volvo was her dream job & her catering venture was a success she was not content. These commitments kept her nailed down to the same place. Gypsy soul that she is, it was only natural that she ventured out into the travel industry with Trippy Wheels. And what better way to do it than bringing the rage of caravanning culture to India?


Profiles of Co-Founders

Coming from a civil engineering background, Vathsala has always had the flair for structural designing and engineering. She has worked as an architect with Levis Group and Future group designing stores across India. The ambitious lady that she is, she was not content with her job. She needed bigger challenges and closer interaction with the end customers. That’s when she ventured into setting up Bonito Designs – one of the top 5 interior designing firms in Bangalore. She has also setup an in-house manufacturing unit which has a production line of modular furniture. Bonito Designs has been up and successfully running for 7 years and has designed more than 800 homes. Vathsala has extensive experience in marketing, sales, customer management and team management throughout her career which are the core pillars of any successful enterprise. Now that Bonito Designs has become a self-sustaining and process oriented organization, her involvement is minimal. Looking for new challenges, she instantly grabbed the opportunity to be a part of Trippy Wheels.

Note from the Co-Founder

Living in Sweden for 6 years, I have traveled far & wide in Europe. My first caravan travel experience was a share ride from a music festival in the Swedish forests to Stockholm. It was an unforgettable experience. The lady who owned the caravan had come to attend the music festival with her daughter and they were going back to Stockholm. This stuck with me, it was inspiring to see how a 25 year old single mother without any fear had traveled to a music festival with her 2 year old child. The following summer, I helped my friend Simon Andermo renovate his caravan. It was a ’69 Mercedes camper van model with a great engine but interiors was a wreck. Ideas were flying in my mind while I was working on the caravan. Why isn’t caravan a commonplace in India? India being a country with wide and diverse geography and hosting world’s highest youth demographics, caravan travels is just what India needs.

Later the same summer, Vathsala visited me in Sweden during her Euro Trip. She had just finished her 15 days of caravan travels in Norway. When I heard how thoroughly Vathsala had enjoyed traveling in a caravan, I immediately called Simon and with no second thoughts, all together set off on a road trip in his caravan. We had no definite plans, Sweden being as beautiful as a picture, our possibilities were limitless. Hunting for mushrooms under the tall pine trees, fishing in a river flowing by, looking for berries in the misty meadows, playing music and sharing stories by the campfire in the night, meeting beautiful people wherever we go, the trip became one of the most memorable ones for both Vathsala and me. The joy we experienced during the trip was pure like a child and during that trip was when we decided to bring caravans to India. It has taken 1.5 years of persistent hard work to bring Trippy Wheels to life. Here we are and we invite everyone to trip on our wheels! 😉