How to make bookings?

You can make bookings by calling us. Find the contact details here.

What is the rental of each caravan?

Our rental starts from 8000 INR for 24 hours rental period.

What is the duration of the rental?

Duration of rentals is 24 hours.

What is included in the caravan rental?


Caravan, driver, equipped kitchen, pillows and bed linen, indoor & outdoor games.

What is excluded in the caravan rental?


Fuel & Driver daily allowance

What is the cost of daily allowance for drivers?

It is 500 INR for 12 hours of driving shift.

Do you have discounts for longer bookings?

Yes. We offer discounts for long duration trips.

For bookings longer than a month, call us on +91 8197006211 to get special rates.

What are the current ongoing offers?

Call the team to learn more about ongoing discounts!

Do you have planned trips?

Yes, we do. Call the team to get to know further details.

What is a caravan pool-trip?

We organise pool trip once every month. Like minded strangers come together and travel together in our caravans. We do not decide the destination, we do not decide the itinerary, we do not fix anything for you for these trips. We only pool people together for a trip and you figure out everything else with help of our trip coordinators and drivers.

What is included in the caravan pool-trip cost?

The cost includes; caravan rental, fuel (based on decided destination), driver daily allowance, toll and stay. Food is not included as we want to encourage you to cook your own meal in the wild.

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