The caravanning concept at TrippyWheels

By September 20, 2018Our Trips

Won’t you agree on a real holiday being anything away from the familiar?  A real break away from overwhelming itineraries, hotel check-ins and most importantly the almost seemingly inescapable crowds.

Voicing the unheard, there are folks who miss out the joy of traveling simply because of the  uneasiness that accompanies the rigid public transportation. Think what it may be like for the claustrophobics, the autistic, social anxiety .. the list goes on.

Which is why, Trippy Wheels is an answer to the real adventurous, specific and passionate  travellers’ lot in India.

A peek into the caravan interiors

Trippy Wheels has a range of 6-seater vehicles that are re-designed to be caravans equipped for basic living. It comes with a kitchenette that holds all of your basic cooking ingredients and stove with a slidable counter for cooking, a cabinet for basic storage, a cozy napping space for 3, air-conditioned with fans for use while the engine is off!

There are designated areas as an option for safe and secure caravan pit-stops as well as tie-ups with homestays enroute that allow renting of bathing and washing facilities at a minimal cost.

Trippywheels InteriorBeaten eggs and some garam garam chai 🙂
A real-roadtrip experience with Trippy WheelsA real-roadtrip experience with Trippy Wheels

Who’s at the wheel

For the best of the caravanning experience we recommend longer journeys, 5 days or more. And, to make that easier, Trippy Wheels has its own professional driver for hire but will also soon be rolling out the option of renting self-drive caravans for all you driving fanatics out there.

Photo session @Shettihalli Church, enroute SakleshpurPhoto session @Shettihalli Church, enroute Sakleshpur

Keeping it simple with the charges 

Trippy Wheels also believes in providing the best of customer experience. To avoid nitty-gritty hassles, the charges and agreements are all very simple and straightforward. Full-tank caravans are rented out at just Rs. 8000/- per day with a condition to be returned full-tank.

So, it’s pretty simple.

All you’d need is some good company, great music and stocked ingredients to cook up your kind of food and voila! You’re all set!

Try the caravan experience. Your easy access to exploring the unknown. So gear up, chart your own course and experience nature and travel at its best.

Night life in Trippywheels

We’d love to hear your experience and feature them in our travel diaries.

Here’s  to challenging the explorer in you!

Happy Trippin’! ☺