Trippy Wheels - Social Distancing

Taking a breather, thanks to Social Distancing to fight the corona virus pandemic

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It has been a tough few weeks, infact challenging for many. You turn on the TV, they are talking about the Corona Virus, you pick up your phone and you see a zillion messages across Whatsapp Groups, Facebook & twitter about this. Or people are talking about how difficult Working from home is.. Above all this, you have the fake messages and news that get you spiraling down a rabbit hole you didn’t know existed. This leads to frantic calls, or messages to your loved ones, checking in on them and spreading the news. 

Well, this time we have something to blame.. It is called “Corona Virus”, a virus that started in China that has spread across the globe. And today, almost every country we know is under a Lockdown, people have been asking to work from home and stay indoors as much as possible. Malls, theaters, public performances, monuments & other tourist places  have all shut their doors. 

Another sector that is hit is the travel industry. It is a tough period for people on both sides of this coin. Quite a few who had made travel plans have had to put them on hold. Cancel tickets, reschedule bookings and look forward to the day when things would settle down and they can hit the road. For some it was personal trips while others had official ones lined up. At Trippywheels, our caravans are parked, but they await the day when all restrictions are lifted so you can hit the road and create new memories. 

Trippy Wheels - Social Distancing

The reality of it all

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon.

While the number of cases in India is far less compared to Italy or few other countries, it does not mean you are chill about it. You need to take necessary precautions, monitor your health and stay aware. Infact, if you have attended a conference or even a party or wedding, and have begun sneezing or feel a sore throat setting in, better check your temperature and reach out to your doctor. If he suggests a Corona Virus test, then head out to a hospital nearby for the same.  

If your hired help or someone visiting home sneezes/ coughs on you, kindly self quarantine. Which means keep yourself locked up at home, preferably away from people if possible and monitor your health for a minimum of 14 days.  This is just so you clear out any possibility of a virus, and spreading it to others. It is also advisable to not go out, be it for walking, shopping, eating and definitely no socializing. This also includes travel, time to press the pause button, and wait it out.

Trippy Wheels - Social DistancingSocial Distancing-

A term that was unknown to many till a few days ago has become a norm now. It basically means stay away from crowded spaces, don’t shake hands or hug others, stand at least 1meter or 3 feet from another person, especially if you see them sneeze or look unwell and above all, stay home if you/anyone around you is even  slightly under the weather. 

This could mean you are cooped up at home for days to no end, working or just doing random things. Now, we have a few suggestions that will help you remain calm & get through the days of social distancing.


Find an online tutorial for work out – be it cardio, or yoga or HIIT, and spend about an hour every day working on your health.  If you are not on quarantine, you can go for a short walk outside or within your home as well.

Meditate –

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner. Just find a calm space, roll out a mat and sit still for about half an hour. Focus on your breathing, and don’t let any other thought bother you. 

Learn something new-

There are tones of websites offering courses on subjects or even languages. You could pick one of them and make use of the time on hand to learn something new.  Coursera, udemy are two such websites you can check. Or download Duolingo to learn a new language. 

Cook/Bake –

If you have been meaning to learn cooking, or try a new recipe this is as good a time as any. Pull out all those recipes you have bookmarked or check out this Facebook group – Simple recipes for complicated times to find new and fun recipes. Similarly, you can look for baking recipes from your favorite chef/blogger and give it a go. 

Read, read, read… –

Grab that book you have put aside and finish it. Or you could also download the Amazon Kindle app, sign up for the Kindle Unlimited, which is available for free for a month, and select books that seem interesting. There are so many other sites that have made books available for free now – Juggernaut has some amazing books, especially for kids or it could be Amar Chitra Katha or Tinkle. Download the app and get cracking. 

You are not alone –

Above all, remember you are not alone. There is a whole world that is going through the same thing with you. Reach out to friends, call/FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to in ages, check in on family/friends/co-workers and stay connected.  

If you feel suffocated, or an anxiety attack hits you, just remember to breath, remind yourself this is just a phase and distract yourself, if possible. We know it is tough to stay calm when your mind is racing at a million miles per hour, driving you mad, but remember, you are not alone! 

Look at this as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, spend time with yourself/loved ones,  build connections and not be worried about tomorrow…  

Psst… Do remember, do not touch your face too much and wash your hands every few minutes, scrub em clean… 

6 Intresting Facts about Caravan Pool Trips

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Caravan Pool Trip: The love for travel takes beyond the world we know. When our hearts and minds are so receptive to unknown places and the wealth of experience it offers, it’s only natural to realize that stranger is not always a word that should alarm us. A meeting with an unknown person is an opportunity to open the doors to more knowledge, exciting experiences, and memorable stories. Traveling with people not known to us is a beautiful thing. A chance for like-minded people to bond, create memories and go through remarkable experiences that we could look back at fondly. Here are a few reasons why we should pool for traveling often.

1. Safety first

We all know that a solo traveler is at a higher risk of being exposed to unfortunate circumstances. We might be careful, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When traveling in a caravan with fellow travel lovers, there is a natural tendency to stick together and be on a look out for each other. It’s more fun and much safer in a gang.

2. Friends with benefits

It’s exciting to get to know new people while traveling in a caravan. There is an absolute beauty to bonding with strangers over something you love. What makes it better the hidden benefits. You’re overall expenses get lower — the more, the merrier (in this case cheaper). Plus you get to be friends with people who have homes in different cities and belong to different cultures. You can always take up on their offer for a home visit. The farther away they live, the more exotic the location you get to visit. You can still keep in touch and plan more such exciting journeys.

The caravan Pool-Trip

3. Experience the world differently

Traveling with your friends is fun, but it offers a minimal view of the world. Expand your horizons with a caravan pool trip. The stories that fellow travelers share can unlock a whole different side of you and shed a different light on the world. Older people traveling with you have been there done way crazier things in life, and it’s just super fun to listen. Younger travelers have more zest and zeal that rubs off on you. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

4. We’re all the same

Yes, we are! Traveling with people from different cultures and understandings helps you be more accepting of the unusual nature of people. Doing activities together, looking out for each other and accommodating their perceived weirdness makes you more accepting to the fact that in the end, we’re all the same and our diversity is what makes the world beautiful. Plus a crazy fun character adds a whole lot of spice to your travel stories!

5. Prevent Solo from getting to So-low

Traveling alone can be thrilling, but it can also be lonesome. An excellent way to prevent a dip in your spirits because you’re feeling lonely is to travel with like-minded travelers. You get to share a beautiful experience with someone, and if you’re stuck somewhere, you get to share a little stress as well. They’ve got your back! You can always choose to socialize or spend some alone time, and you still have options!

6. Stronger Together

Like the Yin and Yang that makes up the universe so do our strengths and weaknesses complement each other. We’re all different with varied skills. When we’re together, we can use our skills to make the travel amazing. The one with planning skills sorts out the details, and the chef creates magical treats, the navigator leads the way and so on. Our talents are better together. Like the Avengers, all are different but strongest together!. Book Caravan For Pool trips