What’s more in a caravan?

Caravan is not just a mode of transport. It’s your home on wheels throughout your journey. Equipped with basic necessities, caravans are perfect companions for travellers who want to experience a real road trip. With sleeping and cooking facilities built into our caravans, one can explore places without having to think about booking rooms, check-in & check-out times, itineraries etc. Hire a caravan and fire up your gypsy soul.

How many caravans do you have at the moment?

We have 4 caravans up and rollin’ right now. One more is on it’s way!

Check how we bring life to our caravans here.

Are the caravans built for Indian terrains?

Yes. They are tested for both on-road and off-road conditions and are equipped to travel across various terrains that India presents to all the road-trippers. However, we advise you to not be too adventurous on extremely challenging terrains. Listen to our driver and you’ll be fine.

Can we take the caravans outside Karnataka?

Of course! We already have taken trips to Goa & Andhra Pradesh. However, customers must procure temporary permits at the RTO office near state border while crossing over. All our caravans right now are running on state permit.

Can we sleep in the caravan while traveling?

No. Since the seat belts and safety regulations are built for seating during travel, one cannot sleep while the caravan is on the move. Sleeping facilities are to be used only when the caravan is parked.

How safe is to park in the wild overnight?

India is a land of beautiful places and beautiful people. Be mindful of the surroundings with respect to; littering around, noise during quiet hours and breaking any rule that might affect the flora and fauna (including humans) of the place and you’ll be fine. Making friends of locals is always an added benefit in case of emergencies or just to explore the place better.

How economical is traveling in a caravan?

Caravans are economical if utilized to the fullest extent. Hiring a caravan means booking a car + booking an airbnb. So travel, sleep, play, cook, read, eat in and around the caravan and it will be easy on your pockets. Traveling in our caravan will not cost you over 4000 INR per head per day all inclusive

What is the mileage of our caravans?

Different caravans have different fuel consumption. Mileage ranges from 10-14 km/lt. Call us to know more about mileage of your caravan. Contact us here.

How to get the most of caravan travels?

Caravans enable you to just go where your heart calls. Well, almost! So use the caravan to the fullest not only by traveling in it but by living in it. Enjoy the journey rather than the destination. Take diversions off the planned route and you’ll discover the most beautiful places! Do not book rooms or look for a restaurant. You have it all in the caravan. Just park it and live it!

Dont’s of vanlife.

Traveling in a caravan is pure joy and brings unique memories. It also comes with responsibilities. Here at Trippy Wheels, we want our trippers to be responsible travelers.

A few pointers to help grow a responsible vanlife community in India:

  • Caravan is your home. So keep it clean and tidy.
  • Do not leave the dishes undone in the caravan.
  • Be careful with bringing in insects and pests. Not all of them are friendly always! 🙂
  • No littering (All sorts of waste like; paper, plastic, bio waste etc.)
  • Leftover food can be disposed off in the wild for animals/plants.
  • No trespassing. Respect everybody’s personal and physical space.
  • No loud music when parked in the wild. Be one with the nature.
  • Do not intimidate the onlookers. Greet them with a smile. Always works.
  • Make sure you leave the place & caravan as it was given to you.
  • Our drivers are there to help out but they are not your care-takers. Don’t be babies and take care of yourselves. 😉
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