What facilities do we get with the caravan?






Air Conditioning

Music System

Charging Points, Fan, Lights

24x7 Support

How many people can travel in one caravan?

Different caravans have different seating capacities. Please find more details on caravans here.

How many people can sleep in a caravan?

Different caravans has different sleeping capacity when the caravan is parked. Please find more details on caravans here.

Additional tents and sleeping bags can be rented to accommodate additional travelers.

What does the kitchenette come with?

The kitchenette comes with stove, utensils and basic ingredients required for cooking like masala powders, chai, sugar, oil, salt etc. Rest of the fresh ingredients can be bought by customers on the go.

How do we safely park in the night?

We have tie-ups with homestays and campsites for secure parking at night. Call us to find out. Contact us here.

Do you have self-drive caravans?

We do not have self-drive caravans.

Does the caravan come with a driver?

All caravans come with a driver. Our drivers are champs of Trippy Wheels. They are not only drivers but big time trippers who are up for an adventure anytime & anywhere. Sit back relax and enjoy your vacation.

Do you have toilet/bathroom facilities in the caravan?

No, we do not have any toilet/bathroom facilities due to lack of infrastructure support in India, unlike the west. In the west, Caravan parks have a chemical treatment plant where the waste can be dumped and cleaned automatically with a press of a button. At present we have associations with campsites which have toilet/bathroom facilities.

Are the caravans safe for toddlers?

Our Caravans are baby safe but you have to take care while the vehicle is on the move. We strongly recommend you to carry your own baby seat.

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