Monsoon trip to Sakleshpur

We here at Trippy Wheels work hard to stick to our roots while we make sure you make each day count and live like the world belonged to you and we belonged to her. A caravan for those who wish for a new day, to discover, explore and extempore the world forth. Come travel with us and take an unforgettable story back home.

Most awaited trip to Hampi

You don't chose Hampi, Hampi chooses you. The mystical secrets of those boulders kept us wondering about the limitless possibilities life has to offer throughout our drives. We are glad that we signed off 2019 with this memorable trip in our caravan to Hampi.

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Caravan Chronicles - Sikkim

Our caravan Kanasu transformed into Luna for a 1.5 months trip to Sikkim. She traversed through the villages, mountains and beauty of Sikkim effortlessly and won many hearts. Here is a trailer for a sneak peek into this journey.

Home - Our caravan Kanasu

Home is where you find comfort. Home is where you belong.
Watch this episode to see how our caravan Kanasu traveled with the team through thick and thin ensuring their safety and keep them warm through hard times. We are so proud of our Kanasu and know that this trip wouldn't have been possible without her. What a trip to have accomplished! Isn't she the life of this web-series? We just can't our eyes off her.

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Building our caravan - Kanasu

Watch how our caravan Kanasu came to life. Building a caravan is not just a mechanical job but an emotional affair. She took shape, form and character with everyone contributing to her through at each stage of this process of bringing her to life.

Caravan build videos