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We are Trippy Wheels, India’s first affordable caravan rental company. To truly bring caravanning culture across India is our vision. We want to see people take road trips without restrictions of booking transportation, accommodation, check-in & check-out times or tedious itineraries. Free yourself from the virtual world and just hop in a caravan and drive away into the path it leads you to without giving a second thought about anything. Hire a caravan to travel with comfort and coziness of a home but on wheels. Our custom-made, affordable caravans are the best travel companion for all you wild travelers out there!

The caravans are equipped with a kitchenette filled with all the basics you need for cooking, a super comfortable bed with quilts & pillows, indoor & outdoor games and a driver to take you around.

Come travel with us and take an unforgettable story back home.

Sanjna Hangal

A techie by profession worked with software and automobile giants like Accenture in India & Volvo in Sweden is a total travel junkie, and by travel we mean road trips only. She can go on forever driving on the road especially when driving a caravan. Her dream job at Volvo was ever exciting as she was out on the tracks testing newly manufactured cars driven by robots, analyzing data and setting safety standards for the automotive industry. But she always had the heart to start something on her own, her first business venture was in Sweden as a home-cooked Indian food catering company – Indian Food Göteborg. It grew rapidly and gained popularity among the locals. The team cooked at Sweden’s biggest festivals and events. During all of this, Sanjna had realized how much joy it brought her to see happy customer faces. Gypsy soul that she is and always yearning to come back to India, it was only natural that she ventured out into the travel industry with Trippy Wheels. And what better way to do it than bringing the rage of caravanning culture to India?

Ramya Raji Dass

A marcom professional with a background of comm design, who has explored her potential in various segments of the industry. She is a firm believer that nothing is impossible, and that solutions exist for every problem and has a profound passion for simplifying even the toughest of situations. With her love for travelling and her marcom background she’s always had a deep-seated entrepreneurial spirit, and when found a chance she seamlessly merged her two passions into a thriving business venture in the world of experiential travel. Her ability to see opportunities where others see challenges has been the driving force behind her success. She has an innate talent for turning ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences, making every traveler’s dream come true. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the travel industry, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to ensure her business remains at the forefront of innovation. In a world where travel is more than just a destination, she wants to guide travellers towards unforgettable experiences.


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Where is Trippy Wheels based out of?

Trippy Wheels is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Find us here.

What is Trippy Wheels all about?

Trippy Wheels is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Find us here.

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