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Once upon a time..when Humans didn’t have to fear fellow humans ,i got a call from my bestie asking me to join a trip she’s taking with her cousins .ME,who didn’t even unpack the bags from my recent trip dreaded the idea of asking my mom to let me go on that trip and dropped it on spot. The sneaky internet somehow started showing signs ,recommending me to take the trip(of course,everything looks like a sign for travellers?)…then something magical happened and we came across some caravan page on insta,we all discussed how everyone wanted to take a caravan trip since childhood but couldn’t

As the tradition goes,a watsapp grp was made and 16 ppl joined out of whom 6 ended up on the trip(everyone was a stranger to someone).being an unplanned trip,everything was made in rush and the caravan ppl were soo good that we almost suspected some fraud action(things society did to us?)

The next night we all boarded a bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore…

Most of us were short on our budgets since it was all sudden,so we made it a goal to make this trip possible under 10k including everything

DAY-1: There we were,stranded on the main road in the middle of busy bangalore traffic waiting for our hour passed but there was no sign of our vehicle and we started to regret the decision of trusting some randomn ig page.then,a sudden sign of hope…some blue vehicle was coming our way and happy tears almost rolled down the cheeks only to realise it was a MILK VAN.

After few more furious minutes..there she was,KANASU.we stared at her like a kid would stare at an icecream and then the driver TAJ startled us bringing us back to our senses.

Finally,we began our journey with no plan in our hands but tonnes of excitement in our hearts!!

Caravans on HireSringeri:

We had three options on our mind:shimoga,agumbe ,chikmagalur Like i warned,i believe in signs and someone got a call from granny asking us not to miss shringeri peetam.we all heard of stories about how one could visit the temple only if the goddess calls and no matter how much you plan,you can’t visit the temple without her consent.

We groomed ourselves at some randomn room and began to drive.

The perks of caravan travels include cooking whatever you want,playing board games and all kinds of games and of course peeing whenever you feel like it ?.After 7hrs of strenuous but fun travel through dense forest and u-pin turns we arrived at the majestic shringeri peetam.the temple elephants were just leaving but we greeted them anyways.the keeper was kind enough to take a picture and jaya laxmi ,sree laxmi stole our hearts

Shringeri definitely took a great chunk of our,obviously we arrived late at AGUMBE..our second was already midnight but the hosts were kind enough to offer us dinner.taj helped us set up the campfire and tents.being a rainforest,agumbe attracts thousands of species and is famously known as “the king cobra capital”. You can definitely expect some slimy frogs,spiders and snkes(if you’re lucky enough _?)invading your space:p

DAY-2: Agumbe

Woke up to a beautiful view and puppies licking our legs,had a sumptuous breakfast,went around the place and then rolled over to the next


One of us had already been to udupi and she never missed a chance to brag about the bisi bele bath she had there.iv’e been putting up with her since years but this time,we’ve decided to go there and get a taste of it.started out to UDUPI and we were there by the time we decided who gets to use the aux cable in the vehicle?.after some research,made up our minds to have our lucnch at one of the famous places MTR .

I hate to admit the fact that the bisi billa bath was indeed great and do try out the famous GADBAD ICECREAM of udupi when you are there

St. Marys Island:

We decided to skip the temple and opted for infamous ST.MARY’s ISLAND which turned out to be one of the best places I’ve ever been to.

The trip starts with a boat ride to the island,the rock formations will definitely amaze you.the pristine water and coconut trees took us out of the world for a while


We had to make a move…decided to go to gokarna which was rather a risky decision since the road wasn’t that great and we had long distance to cover but we also had TAJ? (our superman).enroute gokarna..we got to witness one of the best sunsets in our lives,out of nowhere there was a road by the sea and we decided to stop by it,this is probably the best thing about caravan travels!!

If you ask me to design a heaven ..I’d probably put some stars,beautiful full moon,never ending waves and lots of dogs in a place.this is exactly what our night at gokarna looked like.we slept on land staring at the stars sharing the same blanket.taj bhaiyya parked the caravan facing the beach .now i don’t have to tell you what we woke up to?

DAY-3: Kudle Beach

Our plan was to visit murudeshwar and netravali islands for the day…but first we had to take a dip in the beach.kudle beach was right next to our stay but almost all gokarna beaches are downhill and you’ll have to make an effort to visit them.due to all the long distance travel we didn’t get to try new fancy food varieties but that’s gonna change in few mins? The sea has some weird power of attraction,no one ever leaves a beach happily.i didn’t feel like going away so thought of staying back while others can pay a visit to murudeshwar but to my surprise,everyone stayed back and we decided to stroll through the beaches for one complete day.

Y’all probably heard of the famous gokarna beach trek through mountains and rocks but our fat asses didn’t want to go through the pain under scorching,like any other lazy ass..we thought of something easy.went straight up to a boat driver and asked home to show us around.he charged some 600 bucks and showed us all the beaches…om beach,half moon beach,paradise beach,nirvana beach. We were lucky enough to sight lot of dolphins on our this time,we were drained from all the heat and spent rest of our day hogging on food ,singing to the ocean,building sand castles that looked more like indian public toilet seats!!

By the time we came back to our vehicle…our phones were buzzing with all the notifications from families and each of us had countless missed calls .it took a while for us to understand what was happening! Yes,the first case of corona virus was reported in india and apparantly the person travelled in the same bus we took from hyd to bglr just a day before us.gokarna is full of foreigners and at that point of time,criminals looked better than just landed foreigners in our parents view.we had to cancel our plan to goa and return home the very next day because of this.


Gokarna got it’s name from the shiva temple in,shiva resides inside a cow’s ear and devotees are allowed to feel the athmalinga with their own hands.we woke up at 4am and were the first to be at the temple.we already had a clue that this could potentially be the last trip for,prayed a lil hard and started back to Bangalore.


We were wrong about the time estimation and seriosly lagged behind on our schedule.500kms more and a bus to catch up in the evening…we didn’t even get to stop for food and reached the bus station with a neck to neck time margin.

Enroute Bangalore almost all of us fell sick and we were sure it was corona virus?,thankfully we were alright by two days but were quarantined at home for 14 days anyway

KANASU..this beauty took its birth from a start up idea by two women .TRIPPYWHEELS also offers different capacities of caravans but this was the perfect one for comes with jbl speaker equipped sound system ,utensils and all the basic kitchen items,some board games,charging points,tents..what not?,you name it you got it.with this caravan,home is where you park it.

Kudos to the customer service,they were like those best friends we never met.we already miss them and can’t wait to go back again!! Not to brag..but we’ve completed the trip within our budget of 10k?

You only regret the trips that you didn’t take..if we knew we’d be locked up for the rest of the year,we’d probably have laughed a lil bit louder,held each other a lil tighter.i believe,every trip transforms us a bit and we get a piece of every place we visit.i saw my friend who judges a person by restroom hygiene use only public toilets for four days straight without any hesitation.i learned that you can be a driver by passion towards travel and not just a way of survival ,i experienced strangers becoming a family .THE TRIP HITS DIFFERENTLY WHEN IT’S ABOUT THE JOURNEY RATHER THAN A DESTINATION

Hampi, the city of history and fantasy | Trippy Wheels

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Ī mīnige eṣṭu? (How much for the fish?), we asked the fisherman, as he prepared to leave for the market. Nīvu adannu hēge bayasutri? (How would you like it?), he asked with a warm smile. It was his first sale of the day. The heat had us submerged neck-deep in the Tungabhadra, as the fish was being prepared for its journey to our kitchen we admired the Vijayanagar ruins a few meters ahead. Surrounded by the riparian vegetation we couldn’t feel more closer to nature. 

Hampi, the city of history and fantasy. A place where its folklore immerses travellers from all around the globe with its omnipresent boulders and picturesque ruins of ancient temples and palaces. It took us nearly a year to form a team of enthusiastic travellers to embark on this journey. Encased in the vermilion El Zorro, we left late in the evening to catch the sunrise amidst the glorious boulders of Hampi. After a few slices of bread and a warm cup of tea at the Hospet Junction, we surrendered to the scorching heat and made our way to the still river of Tungabhadra. 

Adu 500 āgiruttade (that’ll be INR/Rs 500), said the fisherman proudly. After a few words exchanged and
a fishing lesson from the man, he suggested we stay a litle longer for the Water Dogs. Puzzled we looked
at each other. Otters, also known as Wild Water Dogs, are lustrous predators of the Tungabhadra river.
They are the largest known otter species in India.
Dazzled by their swift hunting techniques we treated our eyes with action. Before we could slap the record
button the predators had hunted their prey and they disappeared as quickly as they arrived. Content with
our visit we dried ourselves and hit the road. Our souls, curious as ever, sought a camping spot when, lo
and behold there she lay, pleasant as a Sunday morning and calm as the Virupaksha temple, one of the
oldest functioning temples in India, surrounded by sun-baked hills, straight from Sholay, a turquoise lake.
We then set our tents up, ignited the stove and prepared the fish for the feast.

As dusk approached, our bedrolls unfolded and we comforted ourselves with our choice of beverage under
the clear night sky. Netflix projected on the boulders hosted our evening until the stars took over.
Enlightening us with the fortunate moment of pure beauty that we were amidst. Back in the metropolitan
city, we’d either surround ourselves with work or polluted sky but, here there existed nothing between us
and the glistening beauty above.

The golden rays hit our faces through our caravan’s window, we prepared our breakfast cleared the
spot of any human trace and set out yet again. As we traversed through the mystical hills of Hampi, we
had already decided where we’d spend the rest of our day, at Hippie Island. After a quick water down at
Happy treat and a botle of cold drink, we made our way to the island of vivid culture. Surrounded by
stalls that sold gorgeously carved locks, vibrant outfits, handmade jewellery, and mystical crystals, our
attention was stolen by deliciously displayed Danish mufns and Chocolate dumplings complemented by
a caffeinated beverage that had us on our feet planning for an adventure we knew awaited us in the future.

Three extemporaneous days had passed since we fled the bustling city of Bangalore, yet we still missed out
on the mystical temples and glorious ruins. Distracted by the stillness of untouched water bodies and the
secrets withheld between the crevices of the boulders, we took this as a sign for a revisit in 2020. We were
glad we were signing of 2019 with this memorable trip in our caravan – El Zorro.
To Hampi, To All of Us & To our Trippy
Happy Trippin’!

Trippy Wheels - Social Distancing

Taking a breather, thanks to Social Distancing to fight the corona virus pandemic

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It has been a tough few weeks, infact challenging for many. You turn on the TV, they are talking about the Corona Virus, you pick up your phone and you see a zillion messages across Whatsapp Groups, Facebook & twitter about this. Or people are talking about how difficult Working from home is.. Above all this, you have the fake messages and news that get you spiraling down a rabbit hole you didn’t know existed. This leads to frantic calls, or messages to your loved ones, checking in on them and spreading the news. 

Well, this time we have something to blame.. It is called “Corona Virus”, a virus that started in China that has spread across the globe. And today, almost every country we know is under a Lockdown, people have been asking to work from home and stay indoors as much as possible. Malls, theaters, public performances, monuments & other tourist places  have all shut their doors. 

Another sector that is hit is the travel industry. It is a tough period for people on both sides of this coin. Quite a few who had made travel plans have had to put them on hold. Cancel tickets, reschedule bookings and look forward to the day when things would settle down and they can hit the road. For some it was personal trips while others had official ones lined up. At Trippywheels, our caravans are parked, but they await the day when all restrictions are lifted so you can hit the road and create new memories. 

Trippy Wheels - Social Distancing

The reality of it all

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon.

While the number of cases in India is far less compared to Italy or few other countries, it does not mean you are chill about it. You need to take necessary precautions, monitor your health and stay aware. Infact, if you have attended a conference or even a party or wedding, and have begun sneezing or feel a sore throat setting in, better check your temperature and reach out to your doctor. If he suggests a Corona Virus test, then head out to a hospital nearby for the same.  

If your hired help or someone visiting home sneezes/ coughs on you, kindly self quarantine. Which means keep yourself locked up at home, preferably away from people if possible and monitor your health for a minimum of 14 days.  This is just so you clear out any possibility of a virus, and spreading it to others. It is also advisable to not go out, be it for walking, shopping, eating and definitely no socializing. This also includes travel, time to press the pause button, and wait it out.

Trippy Wheels - Social DistancingSocial Distancing-

A term that was unknown to many till a few days ago has become a norm now. It basically means stay away from crowded spaces, don’t shake hands or hug others, stand at least 1meter or 3 feet from another person, especially if you see them sneeze or look unwell and above all, stay home if you/anyone around you is even  slightly under the weather. 

This could mean you are cooped up at home for days to no end, working or just doing random things. Now, we have a few suggestions that will help you remain calm & get through the days of social distancing.


Find an online tutorial for work out – be it cardio, or yoga or HIIT, and spend about an hour every day working on your health.  If you are not on quarantine, you can go for a short walk outside or within your home as well.

Meditate –

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner. Just find a calm space, roll out a mat and sit still for about half an hour. Focus on your breathing, and don’t let any other thought bother you. 

Learn something new-

There are tones of websites offering courses on subjects or even languages. You could pick one of them and make use of the time on hand to learn something new.  Coursera, udemy are two such websites you can check. Or download Duolingo to learn a new language. 

Cook/Bake –

If you have been meaning to learn cooking, or try a new recipe this is as good a time as any. Pull out all those recipes you have bookmarked or check out this Facebook group – Simple recipes for complicated times to find new and fun recipes. Similarly, you can look for baking recipes from your favorite chef/blogger and give it a go. 

Read, read, read… –

Grab that book you have put aside and finish it. Or you could also download the Amazon Kindle app, sign up for the Kindle Unlimited, which is available for free for a month, and select books that seem interesting. There are so many other sites that have made books available for free now – Juggernaut has some amazing books, especially for kids or it could be Amar Chitra Katha or Tinkle. Download the app and get cracking. 

You are not alone –

Above all, remember you are not alone. There is a whole world that is going through the same thing with you. Reach out to friends, call/FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to in ages, check in on family/friends/co-workers and stay connected.  

If you feel suffocated, or an anxiety attack hits you, just remember to breath, remind yourself this is just a phase and distract yourself, if possible. We know it is tough to stay calm when your mind is racing at a million miles per hour, driving you mad, but remember, you are not alone! 

Look at this as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, spend time with yourself/loved ones,  build connections and not be worried about tomorrow…  

Psst… Do remember, do not touch your face too much and wash your hands every few minutes, scrub em clean… 

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The Journey is just as important as the destination

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Get into the car
We’ll be the passenger
We’ll ride through the city tonight
See the city’s ripped backsides
We’ll see the bright and hollow sky
We’ll see the stars that shine so bright
The sky was made for us tonight…

Goes the song “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop… 

Now imagine this scenario, you are all set for a weekend getaway by road to Sakleshpur, bags are packed and the caravan has been loaded. You hop into the front passenger seat, and as you go along the roads, all you see are tall trees and clear blue skies beyond them.  Even though it is only 220 km, the drive will take 5-6 hours atleast, more if you make stops and take detours. 

caravan rentals

The joy of road-trips is the journey, the drive, the ability to do your own thing as you travel by a vehicle that is all yours. Basically, having the freedom to stop wherever you choose to, stretch your legs or just to capture a few images of the scenes around. Tripping in a caravan is such a thrill; it is like having your own home on the go. Oh and when in these parts of Karnataka, it’s always good to take short breaks, sometimes the drive can get tiring. Maybe grab a cup of chai from the roadside tea shop along with a plate of piping hot pakodas. And if you are a small group, then playing board/card games in the back of the caravan is an added fun element.  

caravan for rent in bangalore

Travelling by road with an experienced driver handling the caravan is the best possible holiday ever. You sit back, sing along to the music from the player, or play a game of antakshari and enjoy the drive. When you do halt, I am sure you will have other travellers come with curiosity in their eyes, asking you a million questions about the caravan. It is fun to meet such people, and you just might make some new friends there. Who knows, maybe they’re even headed to the same destination as you. As you drive towards Sakleshpur, make a small detour towards Shettihalli to see the ruins of the Shettihalli Rosary Church. It’s magical and you will want to park the caravan, step out and wander the space for a few minutes. Take some shots of the church ruins, experiment with your camera, take pictures of the place with the caravan in the background and some more. 

From there you can make your way towards the nearby stream or the dam. It doesn’t matter, you can keep going for as long as you wish before deciding on where you wish to park for the night. That is the beauty of travelling in a caravan; road trips are endless and exciting. 

With the caravan, you don’t need to worry about loading and unloading your bags. Simply park the vehicle at the camp and snuggle up in the caravan or set up a tent nearby for the night. The cozy warmth of the caravan, the long drive is enough to have you drifting off to sleep in no time. As the morning dawns, you get to rise at a time of your choice and head out for a drive to nearby places or just go park at a viewpoint and enjoy the sights around. The freedom of doing your own thing is so liberating, you don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission or stick to an agenda. Sometimes, it is good to let go and just hit the road.

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Next time you are planning a road trip, remember to put your phone away, unless you want to click some photographs and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. It will be fun to share those stories and experiences when you are back home, showing off the photos to those around you. Even though the places are all the same, your experience is what sets it apart and makes it enticing for others to want to do a roadtrip to this destination. Get going, book a caravan from Trippy Wheels and change the way you travel!