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The Journey is just as important as the destination

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Get into the car
We’ll be the passenger
We’ll ride through the city tonight
See the city’s ripped backsides
We’ll see the bright and hollow sky
We’ll see the stars that shine so bright
The sky was made for us tonight…

Goes the song “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop… 

Now imagine this scenario, you are all set for a weekend getaway by road to Sakleshpur, bags are packed and the caravan has been loaded. You hop into the front passenger seat, and as you go along the roads, all you see are tall trees and clear blue skies beyond them.  Even though it is only 220 km, the drive will take 5-6 hours atleast, more if you make stops and take detours. 

caravan rentals

The joy of road-trips is the journey, the drive, the ability to do your own thing as you travel by a vehicle that is all yours. Basically, having the freedom to stop wherever you choose to, stretch your legs or just to capture a few images of the scenes around. Tripping in a caravan is such a thrill; it is like having your own home on the go. Oh and when in these parts of Karnataka, it’s always good to take short breaks, sometimes the drive can get tiring. Maybe grab a cup of chai from the roadside tea shop along with a plate of piping hot pakodas. And if you are a small group, then playing board/card games in the back of the caravan is an added fun element.  

caravan for rent in bangalore

Travelling by road with an experienced driver handling the caravan is the best possible holiday ever. You sit back, sing along to the music from the player, or play a game of antakshari and enjoy the drive. When you do halt, I am sure you will have other travellers come with curiosity in their eyes, asking you a million questions about the caravan. It is fun to meet such people, and you just might make some new friends there. Who knows, maybe they’re even headed to the same destination as you. As you drive towards Sakleshpur, make a small detour towards Shettihalli to see the ruins of the Shettihalli Rosary Church. It’s magical and you will want to park the caravan, step out and wander the space for a few minutes. Take some shots of the church ruins, experiment with your camera, take pictures of the place with the caravan in the background and some more. 

From there you can make your way towards the nearby stream or the dam. It doesn’t matter, you can keep going for as long as you wish before deciding on where you wish to park for the night. That is the beauty of travelling in a caravan; road trips are endless and exciting. 

With the caravan, you don’t need to worry about loading and unloading your bags. Simply park the vehicle at the camp and snuggle up in the caravan or set up a tent nearby for the night. The cozy warmth of the caravan, the long drive is enough to have you drifting off to sleep in no time. As the morning dawns, you get to rise at a time of your choice and head out for a drive to nearby places or just go park at a viewpoint and enjoy the sights around. The freedom of doing your own thing is so liberating, you don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission or stick to an agenda. Sometimes, it is good to let go and just hit the road.

caravan vehicle rent

Next time you are planning a road trip, remember to put your phone away, unless you want to click some photographs and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. It will be fun to share those stories and experiences when you are back home, showing off the photos to those around you. Even though the places are all the same, your experience is what sets it apart and makes it enticing for others to want to do a roadtrip to this destination. Get going, book a caravan from Trippy Wheels and change the way you travel!

The Deccan Voyage – Van Life in India

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One fine morning Vathsala called me over the phone from Delhi and told me that she was going to meet two young passionate travellers, Deepanshu and Abhimanyu.
It was during our initial research phase that we had spotted their venture “ProjectOneLife” on YouTube. They were one of the first groups to promote VanLife on YouTube in India.
Also, the cause of their travel really moved us. Coined “Hopes in a Caravan”, the first season of their caravan travel was a phenomenal success. Travelled around 10,000 km across 9 states, they visited orphanages and old-age homes. No doubt the duo has passion for travelling. Moreover, they found a way to bring about a change in others’ lives all through their journey.
A Journey into New Year
Obviously, it took no time for us to decide that we should invite them to take a trip in our caravan and discover the hidden beauties of Karnataka. The voyage was planned meticulously and perfect arrangements were made within days and the wanderers came down to Bangalore for Deccan Voyage – a 15-day exploration.
We welcomed them with open arms into the Trippy Wheels family. It was their first time taking a roadtrip in Karnataka and we wanted them to get an authentic experience of the unseen beauty and unique culture of this land.

The fruitful collaboration

For this mission, Trippy Wheels collaborated with ProjectOneLife and Share A Book India Association (SABIA) to travel across Karnataka volunteering to do a book collection drive throughout our journey.

A Journey into New Year

The roadmap

We all were travel enthusiasts. We all had our own checklist of places to visit and explore. We had to comb through the lengths and breadths of the Karnataka map to accommodate everybody’s requests but then finally alternative routes were chosen and we were ascertained that we would have a great time!

A Journey into New Year

Two days in Tamil Nadu

A team of 5 set out on a trip to Denkanikottai and Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu, visited schools and gathered energy and enthusiasm from those lovely kids to carry out the book collection drive. We spent two days playing, painting, eating and laughing with over 300 kids. They filled us to the brim with so much love and happiness and inturn inspired us to take the long journey with energy and compassion.

A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year

Ayudha Puja: A special day to thank the tools that shape up our lives.

We decided to unwind and enjoy Ayudha Puja and continue our journey the next day. On the day of the puja, we had our colleagues, friends and family members accompany us and offered our prayers to God to keep negative energy at bay and fill our caravans with positivity and auspicious aura. We offered to God a pumpkin, a few coconuts and many lemons. We then savoured delicious sweets to end the day with smiles and luck. Our caravans seemed to be renewed. And more importantly, we were.

A Journey into New Year

Through the Ghats & the Hearts

It was finally time to set out on our epic journey to explore and experience Karnataka. Summer of Love, our caravan, being one of my favourites, I was looking forward to the drive through the expansive roads and challenging yet exciting terrains of this beautiful land. We got ready in the early morning, fuelled up and began the mission.
Deepanshu (The Thinker), Abhimanyu (The Charmer), Sagar (The Boss) and myself (The Pillar) – a team of 4 was to reach Sakleshpur basecamp by the end of the day. And yes, we decided to name ourselves. 🙂
VanLife addicts that we are, it was quite natural to deviate from our plan and take a little detour. We ended up driving to Shettihalli Church near Hassan. The church was submerged in water and the view from the bridge was simply breath-taking. As cameras were basking in the beauty of the place, I drove around to offer them better angles and perfect shots.

A Journey into New Year

The drive to Sakleshpur from ShettiHalli Church via a new route was exciting. Our friend Abhi spotted and recognized Summer of Love, gave a warm hug and wished us. Kamal, our local guide in Sakleshpur was eagerly waiting to welcome us. Sipped our first cup of Malnad coffee and did a bit of shopping for dinner that night and headed for our basecamp. Completely off-road and nestled in the middle of nowhere on a hill-top, this was my second home. Also, driving being one of my passions, challenging terrain and weather conditions were a blessing in disguise.

Driving up the muddy roads in Summer of Love with the headlights eating into the pitch darkness was an unforgettable experience. When we reached our basecamp, I felt accomplished having reached there without tumbling down like Jack & Jill.

We set up our kitchen and cooked some tender chicken curry and rice. Gobbled down a bottle of Old Monk that perfectly complemented the chilly winds on the hilltop. Soothing music and super-duper location made this first camping night of ours a perfect one. We shared with one another interesting stories, danced together and broke the ice under the open sky!

A Journey into New Year

The next day we visited some beautiful places around our basecamp. Took a dip in a freshwater pond and ate hot masala Maggi before heading to our next destination – Mangalore. Mangalore was serious business. We had our first book collection drive event the next day and arrangements were already made at The Good Galette Cafe. We spent the night in this beach facing holiday home of a friend. The place is called The Sanctum, brought to life by Dr Akhtar, it looked like a piece of art that has taken the shape of an abode. A dentist by profession and a true artist by blood, you could feel the vibes of his creativity here. The attention to little details across his house was ever inspiring! This magnificent house was sitting quietly by one of the most serene beaches that I have seen in India.

A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year

Book collection drive at The Good Galette Cafe was a success! Here we spent half of the day in the humid sun talking to people about SABIA but the genius Mangaloreans already knew about it. The food at The Good Galette Cafe would remain as one of the most sumptuous and exorbitant meals of our journey.

A Journey into New Year

Detour for Love

From Mangalore, our plan was to head out to Gokarna straight away but we were invited by one of the Trippy Wheels’ followers, Akshay to Moodabidri and couldn’t say no to his affection. It was a short but sweet detour. We did a tour of the Jain temple – Saavira Kambada Basadi, a lake for sunset and reached Akshay’s friend’s resort called The Estate Resort. They hosted us in this beautiful resort to stay for a night. We made sure our host would take the initiative of book collection for SABIA and headed towards Gokarna.

A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year

Beach Beach Beach!

Delhi boys were eagerly waiting to see the beach. Abhimanyu being a beach virgin was jumping up and down. The drive from Moodabidri to Gokarna was amazing! This road trip took longer than expected as stunningly scenic views turned up every now and then on our way. We pulled over pretty frequently to capture drone shots, pictures, video shots and of course click some selfies.

A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year

After all the paparazzi shots and some yummy Udupi style food in our tummies, we reached our basecamp in Gokarna – Hostel LaVie just in time for a mesmerising sunset. Hostel LaVie is a youth hostel on a cliff overlooking the Gokarna beach. We couldn’t have asked for more. Beachside food was ordered and we ate while watching the sun gradually turning into an orange ball, bleeding rich amber all over the horizon and immersed into the Arabian Sea. I would not say much about it as we have beautiful pictures captured and they will hopefully teleport you to the place.

A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year

All we did in Gokarna was, hunting for shooting spots, capturing sunrises and sunsets, letting the waves sway us, drinking beers, eating kilos of seafood and enjoying the cool sea breeze in the nights. A million stars poured soothing light on us. It seemed the world around us got stuck in one wonderful moment that lingered forever. With cool breeze fondly caressing us, it was sheer ecstasy and we just blissed out.After 10 days of driving, I could actually relax in Gokarna while the creative heads ran around trying to get the perfect pictures. I felt lucky!
With a million stars pouring on us soothing light that put us on a trance and time came to a standstill, the world around us got stuck in a time loop with one single wonderful moment lingered forever.

A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year

Family Time!

After Gokarna we headed towards Dharwad, my father’s hometown. I was going to meet my relatives after a long long time. We went straight to my aunt’s place where typical North Karnataka vegetarian food was waiting for us with warm smiles. Vathsala had reached Dharwad and was waiting for our arrival. Finally, we were five.
The same evening, we had a big event organized in Hubballi for the book collection drive. First, we went to Able Designs, an automotive interior building company at Hubballi. We met the designing team and building team and visited their workshop. Hopefully, we would be working with this bunch of artistic intellectuals soon!
From there we made a pit stop at a leather factory to collect over 200+ travel based magazines and a quick interview with Indian Express. We then reached Vibrant India where around 80 odd people were waiting to see our caravan and meet myself and Vathsala. We shared our story of building Trippy Wheels as two women while the audience had curious questions to ask. The best part was that we collected over 700+ books that night. It was worth all the hard work.

A Journey into New Year
A Journey into New Year

We did a day trip to Dandeli with the family. Felt happy and content to see the smiles on my nieces’ faces as they travelled in Summer Of Love.
Then, we drove back to Bangalore. Hampi although on our route, we had to skip it due to time restrictions. Hampi has been one destination which I have been missing every time. Watch out Hampi! I will find a way to reach you and fall deeply in love with you.

A Journey into New Year

Until next time!

I am wonderstruck and have fallen for my country all over again!
It’s true what they say, ‘One state. Many Worlds’. Karnataka offered us so much during this trip.
Gorgeous landscapes, quirky wildlife, serene beaches and most of all, happy and humble people. Our caravan, Summer Of Love has been my most trusted companion and she has deepened my passion for driving multi-fold while we cruised together across the roads of this state.

A Journey into New Year

Needless to say, The Deccan Voyage will stay vibrant in our memories forever.
Hoping for more trippin’ and learnin’ in the years to come!
Happy Trippin’!

Why Should You Travel India in a Caravan

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Why Should You Travel India in a Caravan: A great way to really experience a country like India is through the many personal and local interactions it has to offer. In replacing commercialism with real life stories, caravans can be a top choice for travelers who want to experience the authentic Indian lifestyle.

travel India in a Caravan

Here are some reasons why caravans can be the perfect way to explore India:


  • Up-close local experience made possible


Getting immersed in a countries culture is one way you really get to know a place. Caravans typically navigate through candid settlements, allowing you to experience life in its most natural setting. These journeys are themed with real life stories or fables shared by fellow-travelers and locals from towns en route. By staying away from those commercialized hotels or even halting at secure local-homely spots, you’re going to be mesmerized through that feeling of being transported in time and place.


  • Safety guaranteed


This fact could not be overstated especially if you’re visiting India for the first time or for that matter, doing your first south-Indian trip. Caravans in general, and a fact if you’re renting them through TrippyWheels, ensure you are well taken care of. They have trained professional drivers backed by a team who manage operations, who are well knowledgeable about the routes, destinations and equipped to handle any potential issues along the way. The drivers aka guides are trained to keep your safety an ultimate concern.


  • Carefree explorations


Caravan escapades are the most fun because it has that element of the unknown within the known. You aren’t in any way obligated or ruled by curfews or check-in times. With the bed space that comes with these caravan rentals, you can skip those annoying check-in processes in India. Improvisations on the go make these caravan holidays all about you and what you want to do. Stop at any place you want, stay longer if that’s what your heart wants. It’s a hassle-free way to catch that morning sunrise and soak in the scenic view with a cup of chai, made just the way you want it. Definitely something unique to India’s caravan journeys.


  • People – Connect at its core


On a fun note, if marriages are made in heaven, then friendships are sure made in caravans. There’s something in the way holidays bring strangers together. Caravans make possible random-group holidays bound by common interests. It’s safe because travelers are registered and verified by professional caravan agencies. This is an absolutely fun way of getting shared perspectives. Fellow travelers get to hear out each other travel diaries, share insights, and of course bond over life stories that build a base for a lifetime of friendship. Travel India in a Caravan


  • Easy on your budget


In India, travel can be expensive and more so accommodation. Most often as a customer you end up paying more than what you anticipated through hidden charges or price fluctuations. So here’s why caravans can be a big-saver. You can save on accommodation with your in-house bed space, and you can customize your Travel India in a Caravan plan if you’re going over budget on fuel. Simple. Travel addicts can now plan those frequent trips through caravan rentals and go easy on their wallet. Travel India in a Caravan


  • Cook-up your own food


Food is definitely one of those big concerns when traveling to a new country. Most caravans in India come with compact kitchenettes where you can cook up your routine hygienic food. Be it ready made meal packs that are familiar to your tummy and palette to cooking self-washed ingredients from scratch. A healthy body is a key to having a successful holiday and caravans make that happen.


  • Customer experience


Arranging a tour of exotic destinations can be quite an ordeal in India, or if not, then most often rushed up. Right from transport to accommodation, there are too many protocols when it comes to hotel check-ins and payments. Caravans, taking TrippyWheels for example, ensure they have the most simplistic type of customer payments and deals. Their per-day charges are mentioned up front and caravan to be returned back on the full tank. No hidden charges, no surprises.


  • Simple living, happy living


The beauty of India is in its simple culture. Grand where it should and simple in its daily life. Sadly, over these last few years, people have chased after glamour, replacing India’s traditional and local charm. For this reason, caravans work out perfectly, because while you still get to experience these traditional communities, you also get to travel light and adopt minimalism on your holidays. What better way to travel. Letting go of all the unnecessary baggage, we often deem as needs. Caravans simultaneously give you that balance of introspection and exposure. Travel India in a Caravan

So, try uncomplicating your holidays. Sign up for these simple and insightful journeys that can change you or your perception forever. They can be the window to exploring India, at its core. Step in the shoes of a local. Get away from the cities, explore communities tucked away in remote towns and villages There’s surely more to what the travel media sells. Explore for yourself.

Happy Trippin’

Top 8 camping sites across Karnataka

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Camping and Caravanning; A perfect combination for the best of camping sites experiences. And when camping sites in a state such as Karnataka, you’re in for a treat. Paradise mostly tucked away amidst the lush landscapes towered by its enchanting hills.

And with caravanning, you could double the possibility of stumbling across nature’s well-kept secrets and witness some impromptu breathtaking sights along your journey.

We’ve recommended some of Karnataka’s top off-beat campsites for you to choose from and topped it with our favorite of course.

 1. Jungle lodges & resorts

Our most recommended campsite if you’re on a tour of Karnataka’s most beautiful places. Talk about some of Karnataka Trip Tourism most scenic destinations, and be sure to find a Jungle Lodges & Resorts around! The hospitality and wildlife conservation at their every goal make these guys our favorite. So much so that we’ve tied up with the JLR group to make it all the more fun, caravanning. Caravanning couldn’t get simpler and exciting with the many options to choose from. You’ve got Bandipur, Hampi, Gokarna, Coorg, Dandeli, and the list goes on!

karnataka trip, camping sites

Jungle Lodges & Resorts Dandeli


Irrespective of your choice of destination, there is a good deal of activities to choose from. And depending on your goal, you could either be kayaking, snorkeling, white water rafting, nature walking, elephant riding or trekking and you may want to add the caravan experience too! Check out JLR base camps and their entire list of activities that you could plan for yourself, your group, your team or family.

 2. Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg

About 220+ kilometers away from Bangalore, tucked away from anything touristy are some of  Gonikoppal’s dense jungles and coffee plantations. A perfect place for energetic trekkers and those interested in exploring the diverse beauty of its fauna and flora. The jungle camp is spread across a 10-acre site that’s built with natural material that faces the natural water streams that flow right across the campsite. Tucked away from general access, your transport or rented caravan will come handy here.

Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg, camping sites

Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg


A walk-through of the vast coffee-plantation, stream dipping, adventure games at the camp and a campfire experience beneath the stars and amidst the plantations. More on our favorite Gonikoppal’s jungle camp

 3. Chinna’s Camping sites Area, Hampi

Raved about for its urgent appeal and proximity with nature, this place has got to be on your list must-try. Its location, tent set up, and hospitality makes this place safe as much as it is unique — an offbeat camping site for sure,  that offers quiet away from the tourist crowd with a promise of a breathtaking view of the Hampi temple, its river, and hills.

best karnataka trips, camping sites

Chinna’s Camping Area, Hampi


Besides soaking in the peace and quiet of Hampi and it’s captivating views amidst the temple ruins, you could take a walk through these ancient structures, explore what many call the ‘hippie’ side of Hampi, rent a bike and ride past stretches of paddy fields, go traditional boating or go for a swim!

 4. HostelaVie, Gokarna

Now here’s a place that has it all from a view to the ambiance. Set on a cliff, that overlooks the mighty ocean,  is here’s quite a bit of a charming place for every budget traveler. This hostel offers possible everything that a budget traveler needs. With a laid-back and hippie vibe that lingers, Hostel LaVie is just the kind of campsite you’d want to experience for its tranquility.  And with the extra bathroom facilities available at a nominal fee, makes this a caravan- friendly campsite!

Best karnataka trip, camping sites

HostelaVie, Gokarna


A 10-minute ride from the central city of Goa and few steps away from trekking trails makes this place guest-friendly.  10 mins ride to the town of Gokarna and steps away from all the trekking locations; it is placed in a great area. Hosting extra bathroom and toilet facilities for a nominal amount, and a kitchen offering a variety of cuisines, it is one of our favorite campsites for our lovely caravans

 5. Adventure camping, Coorg

Known as the adventure capital at Karnataka says it all. The other charm of this place is the coffee plantations that outline these tiny hillocks that run seamlessly across. Camping sites by the river is a must try besides making a stop at the Dubare Elephant Park.

karnataka trip plan, camping sites

Adventure camping, Coorg


Pump your adrenaline right from the kayaking, river rafting and great trekking trails this place offers. Read more on the best of Karnataka Trip adventure activities and other places that you can explore.

 6.  Aclat Meadows, Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur has captured the hearts of both adventurers and holidayers for some Fulfilling overnight camping sites experiences. And here’s one of the many campsites at Sakleshpur That offers unique options for accommodations. Here’s where you’ll find tents( including tree tents) for family and couples with claims that offer the best of hospitality too!

karnataka trip packages, camping sites

Aclat Meadows, Sakleshpur


Lots of visual treats for those seeking a real break from the buzz of everyday life. Several lake views, river views at every unit and treks to the Athihalli lake. Get more info on the tree camping at Sakleshpur

  7. Farmagram, Masinagudi (Tamil Nadu)

With just about a 5-hour drive from Bangalore, we couldn’t skip Masinagudi from our list of favorite camping sites across Karnataka trip. Its charm lies in its location, tucked amidst the Mudumalai hills and the forests of Bandipur,  its endless wildlife spotting and its scenic beauty. Here’s one of our favorite camping retreats mostly loved for its vast open corridors with a breathtaking view of the hills, forests and wildlife sighting. Kids are sure to love this!

plan for karnataka trip, camping sites

Farmagram, Masinagudi (Tamil Nadu)


There are some great trekking trails if you’re up for a challenge, outdoor games if you’d like to have some playoffs with the kids and a 30min drive to the Mudumalai National Park.

 8. Jungle Trails, Dandeli

Referred as the adventure hub of South India, the Dandeli jungles in Karnataka Tourism offer abundant natural attractions and adventure activities. The 400km drive from Bangalore makes it an ideal route to try out the caravanning experience. The jungle camping in Dandeli, offers comfortable camping tents, great food, and a bonfire right in the middle of the jungle. Being Karnataka’s second largest wildlife sanctuary. You’re sure to sight species of some rare wildlife around here.

jungle karnataka trip, camping sites

Jungle Trails, Dandeli


Plenty to do around here. Try out the white water rafting experience, trekking and jungle safaris and more.

So, with 2018 coming to an end, here are some great places to retreat with family or friends and soak in the scenic beauty Karnataka Tourism and other nearby places offer.  And what better way to do this but go caravanning as a group. You’re bound for adventure in the journey as much as magic in the wild, lush green!

Trippy Wheels bangalore

What is a Caravan Life? Why a Caravan For Road Trips?

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The fast-lane approach to life allows us to spend very little time with family and nature. This hectic pace of life has created so much havoc that people struggle to juggle between work commitments and the demands of family. Even while on vacation, people reply on tours and travel companies to create an itinerary for them and their only duty is to pack their bags at the last moment and go along the path created by those travels. We should understand that such kind of living brings no freshness and excitement to one’s life.

Escape the routine

To escape this modern monotonous life and enjoy the nuances of nature, to book a caravan is the best solution. Now, you would ask what exactly it is about renting a caravan that holds an allure. It offers you those excitements you have been missing in your life. Caravans are houses on wheels. You can travel all day across dusty highways, narrow lanes, across fields rolling down the hills and mountains and keep close to nature. One can enjoy regal snow-capped mountain ranges or the transparent turquoise ocean waters and the vast beauty that nature offers.

This type of traveling allows you to change your locations often like you can live simultaneously in the countryside, in a city, on an island or near the sea. Since caravans come fully equipped with every necessity just like our house like we have bedrooms, kitchens, and much more. You can travel all day, see a nice spot, pull over and get out of your house. Sometimes you can just pull over a nice spot and go for a jog, else can take a nap. In case you have an urge to fill your tummy, you don’t have to search around for restaurants, instead, you can go to the local markets buy fresh vegetables and cook food with a scenic view as the caravans have a kitchenette. Caravan lets you be your boss and the captain of your ship.  

To plan a holiday you don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money for travel, accommodation, and luggage. Just rent a caravan and travel at your convenience, be close to the flora and fauna and also you will have the much-needed privacy.

Every caravan has been designed uniquely for caravanning lifestyle. When you want to visit places that are extremely rich with diverse geographical conditions and cultures, road trips are the best way to cover many destinations in one go. Renting a caravan offers you excellent connectivity through roads. Not all places can be visited through the air or by rail. The best thing that comes out of a caravan road trip is that you get brilliant ways to mingle with the local people. Normal traditional trips do not give that much access to the locals whereas road trip in caravans allows you to interact with the locals, understand their customs and try their cuisines. Road trips give you an educational and satisfying experience. They don’t let you miss the beautiful sights, as you get to enjoy passing and stopping at scenic locations at your luxury.

Last but not least, road trips are an outstanding way to experience adventure and to build memories to last a lifetime and share many stories for years to come. A Road trip lets you enjoy life like an explorer. Many countries offer you cheap camping grounds with various facilities and traveling outside a country also becomes easy on the pockets. So, for the next road trip just rent a caravan to travel around Karnataka from Bangalore at Trippy Wheels.

The Great Karnataka Road Trip

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The Great Karnataka Road Trip

Yes, we love sharing our plans as much as we do, our stories.

Trippy Wheels is all set to embark on this 10-day long road trip across the unexplored Karnataka terrain, with a 3-night camp stay at Goa. Starting off at Bengaluru and back, we’re doubly excited and geared up. Definitely, a reward that comes with venturing into the unknown.

Amidst the unplanned, we play smart. We do our homework. We’ve marked out 6 top destinations enroute and listed out all that we want to spend our time doing at these places, before we touch base with you guys at Bengaluru again!


We’re starting out with exploring this tiny city tucked amidst Karnataka’s bold hills and valleys. A perfect spot for a remote caravan-park while we soak in the scenic beauty it claims to offer. An add-on treat we’re hoping to get is a glimpse of the prehistoric Chand Ravalli cave, which holds several secrets that we hope to unveil and of course a visit to the enchanting Chitradurga Fort that overlooks its valley.


Acclaimed to be among the oldest towns of Karnataka, we’re intrigued to get an experience of this place, which is why 2 nights here, does this place justice. A stroll through this town, for a first-hand feel of its heritage and a visit to the pineapple farms and factory is definitely worth getting on your bucket list.


We’ve slotted time to bring out the daredevils in us! The cool and calm of the Dandeli valleys are known for offering some of the best outdoor adventure experiences. We’re definitely going to leave our trail over its fine trekking paths and cool off with some white water rafting.


Goa, undeniably, being one of India’s favorite holiday destinations, we can’t wait to experience the 3-night camp stay at the beautiful Talpona beach under the Goan stars. Thank heavens we’re caravanning! We’re going to be stargazers by night, volleyballers by day(maybe) but sure foodies by day (blame that on Goa’s fresh seafood)


Diversity in nature is what we love. Kumta offers scenic beauty of the lush tropical evergreen forests. Who wouldn’t relish that after all the fun under the beach sun!


For an aesthetic feed, we’re making a pit-stop at Mulki. Home to some of the most ancient temples of South-India, this place is sure to offer an element of nostalgia, with its age old temple culture on display.

And we’re back to base. Namma Bengaluru. A picture-perfect way to round off this road trip!

Stay tuned for pictures, stories and more.

Happy Trippin’!:)