Top 8 camping sites across Karnataka

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Camping and Caravanning; A perfect combination for the best of camping sites experiences. And when camping sites in a state such as Karnataka, you’re in for a treat. Paradise mostly tucked away amidst the lush landscapes towered by its enchanting hills.

And with caravanning, you could double the possibility of stumbling across nature’s well-kept secrets and witness some impromptu breathtaking sights along your journey.

We’ve recommended some of Karnataka’s top off-beat campsites for you to choose from and topped it with our favorite of course.

 1. Jungle lodges & resorts

Our most recommended campsite if you’re on a tour of Karnataka’s most beautiful places. Talk about some of Karnataka Trip Tourism most scenic destinations, and be sure to find a Jungle Lodges & Resorts around! The hospitality and wildlife conservation at their every goal make these guys our favorite. So much so that we’ve tied up with the JLR group to make it all the more fun, caravanning. Caravanning couldn’t get simpler and exciting with the many options to choose from. You’ve got Bandipur, Hampi, Gokarna, Coorg, Dandeli, and the list goes on!

karnataka trip, camping sites

Jungle Lodges & Resorts Dandeli


Irrespective of your choice of destination, there is a good deal of activities to choose from. And depending on your goal, you could either be kayaking, snorkeling, white water rafting, nature walking, elephant riding or trekking and you may want to add the caravan experience too! Check out JLR base camps and their entire list of activities that you could plan for yourself, your group, your team or family.

 2. Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg

About 220+ kilometers away from Bangalore, tucked away from anything touristy are some of  Gonikoppal’s dense jungles and coffee plantations. A perfect place for energetic trekkers and those interested in exploring the diverse beauty of its fauna and flora. The jungle camp is spread across a 10-acre site that’s built with natural material that faces the natural water streams that flow right across the campsite. Tucked away from general access, your transport or rented caravan will come handy here.

Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg, camping sites

Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg


A walk-through of the vast coffee-plantation, stream dipping, adventure games at the camp and a campfire experience beneath the stars and amidst the plantations. More on our favorite Gonikoppal’s jungle camp

 3. Chinna’s Camping sites Area, Hampi

Raved about for its urgent appeal and proximity with nature, this place has got to be on your list must-try. Its location, tent set up, and hospitality makes this place safe as much as it is unique — an offbeat camping site for sure,  that offers quiet away from the tourist crowd with a promise of a breathtaking view of the Hampi temple, its river, and hills.

best karnataka trips, camping sites

Chinna’s Camping Area, Hampi


Besides soaking in the peace and quiet of Hampi and it’s captivating views amidst the temple ruins, you could take a walk through these ancient structures, explore what many call the ‘hippie’ side of Hampi, rent a bike and ride past stretches of paddy fields, go traditional boating or go for a swim!

 4. HostelaVie, Gokarna

Now here’s a place that has it all from a view to the ambiance. Set on a cliff, that overlooks the mighty ocean,  is here’s quite a bit of a charming place for every budget traveler. This hostel offers possible everything that a budget traveler needs. With a laid-back and hippie vibe that lingers, Hostel LaVie is just the kind of campsite you’d want to experience for its tranquility.  And with the extra bathroom facilities available at a nominal fee, makes this a caravan- friendly campsite!

Best karnataka trip, camping sites

HostelaVie, Gokarna


A 10-minute ride from the central city of Goa and few steps away from trekking trails makes this place guest-friendly.  10 mins ride to the town of Gokarna and steps away from all the trekking locations; it is placed in a great area. Hosting extra bathroom and toilet facilities for a nominal amount, and a kitchen offering a variety of cuisines, it is one of our favorite campsites for our lovely caravans

 5. Adventure camping, Coorg

Known as the adventure capital at Karnataka says it all. The other charm of this place is the coffee plantations that outline these tiny hillocks that run seamlessly across. Camping sites by the river is a must try besides making a stop at the Dubare Elephant Park.

karnataka trip plan, camping sites

Adventure camping, Coorg


Pump your adrenaline right from the kayaking, river rafting and great trekking trails this place offers. Read more on the best of Karnataka Trip adventure activities and other places that you can explore.

 6.  Aclat Meadows, Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur has captured the hearts of both adventurers and holidayers for some Fulfilling overnight camping sites experiences. And here’s one of the many campsites at Sakleshpur That offers unique options for accommodations. Here’s where you’ll find tents( including tree tents) for family and couples with claims that offer the best of hospitality too!

karnataka trip packages, camping sites

Aclat Meadows, Sakleshpur


Lots of visual treats for those seeking a real break from the buzz of everyday life. Several lake views, river views at every unit and treks to the Athihalli lake. Get more info on the tree camping at Sakleshpur

  7. Farmagram, Masinagudi (Tamil Nadu)

With just about a 5-hour drive from Bangalore, we couldn’t skip Masinagudi from our list of favorite camping sites across Karnataka trip. Its charm lies in its location, tucked amidst the Mudumalai hills and the forests of Bandipur,  its endless wildlife spotting and its scenic beauty. Here’s one of our favorite camping retreats mostly loved for its vast open corridors with a breathtaking view of the hills, forests and wildlife sighting. Kids are sure to love this!

plan for karnataka trip, camping sites

Farmagram, Masinagudi (Tamil Nadu)


There are some great trekking trails if you’re up for a challenge, outdoor games if you’d like to have some playoffs with the kids and a 30min drive to the Mudumalai National Park.

 8. Jungle Trails, Dandeli

Referred as the adventure hub of South India, the Dandeli jungles in Karnataka Tourism offer abundant natural attractions and adventure activities. The 400km drive from Bangalore makes it an ideal route to try out the caravanning experience. The jungle camping in Dandeli, offers comfortable camping tents, great food, and a bonfire right in the middle of the jungle. Being Karnataka’s second largest wildlife sanctuary. You’re sure to sight species of some rare wildlife around here.

jungle karnataka trip, camping sites

Jungle Trails, Dandeli


Plenty to do around here. Try out the white water rafting experience, trekking and jungle safaris and more.

So, with 2018 coming to an end, here are some great places to retreat with family or friends and soak in the scenic beauty Karnataka Tourism and other nearby places offer.  And what better way to do this but go caravanning as a group. You’re bound for adventure in the journey as much as magic in the wild, lush green!

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