Why Should You Travel India in a Caravan

By February 8, 2019Travel

Why Should You Travel India in a Caravan: A great way to really experience a country like India is through the many personal and local interactions it has to offer. In replacing commercialism with real life stories, caravans can be a top choice for travelers who want to experience the authentic Indian lifestyle.

travel India in a Caravan

Here are some reasons why caravans can be the perfect way to explore India:


  • Up-close local experience made possible


Getting immersed in a countries culture is one way you really get to know a place. Caravans typically navigate through candid settlements, allowing you to experience life in its most natural setting. These journeys are themed with real life stories or fables shared by fellow-travelers and locals from towns en route. By staying away from those commercialized hotels or even halting at secure local-homely spots, you’re going to be mesmerized through that feeling of being transported in time and place.


  • Safety guaranteed


This fact could not be overstated especially if you’re visiting India for the first time or for that matter, doing your first south-Indian trip. Caravans in general, and a fact if you’re renting them through TrippyWheels, ensure you are well taken care of. They have trained professional drivers backed by a team who manage operations, who are well knowledgeable about the routes, destinations and equipped to handle any potential issues along the way. The drivers aka guides are trained to keep your safety an ultimate concern.


  • Carefree explorations


Caravan escapades are the most fun because it has that element of the unknown within the known. You aren’t in any way obligated or ruled by curfews or check-in times. With the bed space that comes with these caravan rentals, you can skip those annoying check-in processes in India. Improvisations on the go make these caravan holidays all about you and what you want to do. Stop at any place you want, stay longer if that’s what your heart wants. It’s a hassle-free way to catch that morning sunrise and soak in the scenic view with a cup of chai, made just the way you want it. Definitely something unique to India’s caravan journeys.


  • People – Connect at its core


On a fun note, if marriages are made in heaven, then friendships are sure made in caravans. There’s something in the way holidays bring strangers together. Caravans make possible random-group holidays bound by common interests. It’s safe because travelers are registered and verified by professional caravan agencies. This is an absolutely fun way of getting shared perspectives. Fellow travelers get to hear out each other travel diaries, share insights, and of course bond over life stories that build a base for a lifetime of friendship. Travel India in a Caravan


  • Easy on your budget


In India, travel can be expensive and more so accommodation. Most often as a customer you end up paying more than what you anticipated through hidden charges or price fluctuations. So here’s why caravans can be a big-saver. You can save on accommodation with your in-house bed space, and you can customize your Travel India in a Caravan plan if you’re going over budget on fuel. Simple. Travel addicts can now plan those frequent trips through caravan rentals and go easy on their wallet. Travel India in a Caravan


  • Cook-up your own food


Food is definitely one of those big concerns when traveling to a new country. Most caravans in India come with compact kitchenettes where you can cook up your routine hygienic food. Be it ready made meal packs that are familiar to your tummy and palette to cooking self-washed ingredients from scratch. A healthy body is a key to having a successful holiday and caravans make that happen.


  • Customer experience


Arranging a tour of exotic destinations can be quite an ordeal in India, or if not, then most often rushed up. Right from transport to accommodation, there are too many protocols when it comes to hotel check-ins and payments. Caravans, taking TrippyWheels for example, ensure they have the most simplistic type of customer payments and deals. Their per-day charges are mentioned up front and caravan to be returned back on the full tank. No hidden charges, no surprises.


  • Simple living, happy living


The beauty of India is in its simple culture. Grand where it should and simple in its daily life. Sadly, over these last few years, people have chased after glamour, replacing India’s traditional and local charm. For this reason, caravans work out perfectly, because while you still get to experience these traditional communities, you also get to travel light and adopt minimalism on your holidays. What better way to travel. Letting go of all the unnecessary baggage, we often deem as needs. Caravans simultaneously give you that balance of introspection and exposure. Travel India in a Caravan

So, try uncomplicating your holidays. Sign up for these simple and insightful journeys that can change you or your perception forever. They can be the window to exploring India, at its core. Step in the shoes of a local. Get away from the cities, explore communities tucked away in remote towns and villages There’s surely more to what the travel media sells. Explore for yourself.

Happy Trippin’